Südharz Map V 1.1




-All heavily revised map
-19,000 Precipitable Trees, large forest areas with forest trails
-new Kuhweide (behind the dam Iberg)
-Rindermast (At Herrmannsacker)
-Schweinemast (In Steigerthal)
-81 Boxes
-a total of 6 villages, underneath 1 new village (Steigerthal) and environment with new fields
-Herrmannsacker Completely redone
-gehäckseltes straw
-Gülle Dung Mod
-bewegende fish / ducks / aircraft
-2 Sawmills can sell (direct sale in Steigerthal in Petersdorf you get boards which are in the building next to the general store Petersdorf
-Transport And parked cars
Coins (often lie in places you should definitely visit times, but of course also in the village)
-milk Must be sold with a milk trailer / milk transports itself (of the cow pasture for Rodishain)
Vehicles are delivered to the farm
-All fields are purchasable, the prices for this were weighted by several factors, details learn in the readme, also located file with field rates at
-feinere texture angle, but still so that you can align the helper
-befahrbarer cowshed, cows also run in the cowshed
-Eiersuche In nests in the henhouse
Vehicles can also sell on junkyard
-Improved and especially more animal sounds
-More power lines
-Infotafeln, Partly with original pictures
-and much much more …

Windrow Textures: modelBauer
Forstobjekte: bubu6008
Feldkaufschild: Fendtfan1
Gülle/Mist/Kalk Texturen: Geneborg
Gülle-Mist-Kalk-Mod: TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan)
Häuser (aus LS11): TracMax
Misthaufen: Fendtfan1
housePack_CebuljCek: CebuljCek
jobBoard: blubber73
Forgotten Plants: Eribus
Haus v2 (dom2): adam5525
old_house: Creative Modding
Gebäude-Set & Fachwerkhaus: möchtegernbauer
neue Früchte (additionalFruitTypes): Jakob Tischler
Klee/Luzerne Textur: Geneborg
Futterkrippe (Waldtiere v2): haselhorst
Halle (Ortseingang Petersdorf): Sandbox
Foliage Layer: El Cid
Metzgerei: Pandahma
MilkTruckTrigger: Marhu
Feuerwehr: möchtegernbauer
Wassermod: Marhu
Schweinemast: Marhu
Fische: KlasuL-FIN
Multifruid: upsidedown
Mulde: Freak36558
Doppelsilo Plane: Old Tractor Team – OTT
Pack Houses: PDGoldFox
Sägewerk: Marhu
Feldverkaufsschilder: Fendtfan1
Hackschnitzellager: Fendtfan1
Gebäude/House Pack: Ziberg


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