Südharz Map V 1.2

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Changes in v1.2: -Rinder-, pig dung heap now work bearings for straw / hay / mixed ration (the shelter entrance Buchholz of Petersdorf Coming) -Sägewerk now works on the DS range sawmill renewed -Map updates (oblique plate by Steigerthal is provided by a motor vehicle completely destroyed and now reorganized, power line from Buchholz to BGA-grounds, since it has now been placed under the earth, part of a pasture betw. Buchholz Steigerthal away, …) -many minor improvements (potato, beet signs at Shiloh, field boundaries, Colli delineators, Luftkurort sign, trees slightly in the air, gypsum mining banners, and much more …)

(new in LS15): Windrow Textures: model farmer forestry objects: bubu6008 field purchase sign: Fendtfan1 slurry / manure / lime textures: Gene Borg slurry manure-lime-Mod: TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan) Housing (from LS11): TracMax dunghill: Fendtfan1 housePack_CebuljCek: CebuljCek Job Board: blubber73 Forgotten Plants: Eribus House v2 (dom2): adam5525 old_house: Creative Modding Building Set & Tudor style house: would like bauer new fruits (additionalFruitTypes): Jakob Tischler clover / alfalfa texture: Gene Borg manger (Waldtiere v2) : Haselhorst Hall (entrance Petersdorf): Sandbox Foliage Layer: El Cid butchery: Pandahma MilkTruckTrigger: Marhu firefighters: would like Bauer Wassermod: Marhu pig: Marhu fish: KlasuL-FIN Multifruid: upsidedown trough: Freak36558 double silos Plane: Old Tractor Team – OTT Pack Houses : PDGoldFox sawmill: Marhu box sale signs: Fendtfan1 chips Stock: Fendtfan1 Building / House Pack: Ziberg Thanks to all for the great mods !!! If I have forgotten anyone, please contact me (PN) then I wear the by, would like it excuse me, which was really no intention! Credit (even from LS13): Landhandel rebuild: -Kolbenfresser- sheepfold: Manu ya playground: Bernascht B34STx Objects Pack 2: B34STx shelter Pack, Object Pack: mailman farmhouse: luculus Swabian farmhouse and barn: Kunds Modding football pitch : wellano920 Timber131: Barn Modular V 1.0 Fence Pack v 1.2 (Weidetor): Baue3rR Hall: Mourice Shed: simmi1 henhouse: Ganelcer shelter 19m: Icebear_Lars barns and buildings Set Part 3: Model Eicher shelter convey v 1.0: cucumber Dingo Old Waterpomp: T0mek0092 Dom v 1.1: adam5525 road markings: Frank Wienberg [GER] Simple pipe: Ferguson friend walls Pack: Diops33 grill with smoke: Raptor Bash objects textures Pack v 1.0 by TakerLS Macoholic: Macoholic Map Objects 6 piece (perch): LU-MUK / Modding Team fence Pack v 1.2: Baue3rR Hall AO: Mike (TTM) hedges: Domi___ spider100: Old Barn V 2 barn: ziolek6 fertilizers silo: LSM modding team Hof by Jonny 1996: Jonny 1996 Manuels BGA kit V2: manuuuu Holzstapelset: M-S_Buschi signs: freak36558 Mobilfunkmast: FlyDoc


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