All animal species (chickens, pigs, cows and sheep) differ from the old version of the LS 15 now directly at the farm and can be supplied there. In the yard there are separate silos for the Gtreidesorten, a warehouse for potatoes and sugar beets, a warehouse for straw, grass and hay as well as a warehouse for silage and chopped material. The docks and dugouts are clearly visible. In addition, a warehouse for dung is installed, but can only be removed with normal trailers. Unfortunately the dung spreaders do not load this directly from the camp, which is s.der spreaders, I can not change at present. In the courtyard (hydrant) and behind the courtyard (well) there is also water. Next to one of the barns is the storage area for big packs set up, but there is also a small hut for seed and spreader fertilizer where the equipment can be filled directly. Fertilizers can not be loaded there unfortunately.
On the map there is a hamlet and 3 barns, where everything can be tilted, which is then counted to the court camp. On the PDA, these tipping points are also called Hof.Silo and so easy to find. These are used only for storage, in order to save the way, who wants to use it. Dor also has seed and fertilizer.
Since the farms are limited to 250,000 liters, the land can also be stored in Hille (local area). The capacity is limited to 500,000 l per filling type. The storage there costs money. Removal is also carried out on the red tube.
There are the fruits wheat, barley, rape, soybeans, corn, rye, oats, potatoes, sugar beet.


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