Welcome to the South ThuringiaMap.

So the map is now playable. Sorry again for the stupid mistake. I hope some of you I can make a joy with the map. The card has now reached a status that seems worthy of publication. However, errors can not be excluded. Despite many tests, there are certainly still bugs. I just got a “low” on this map, now you have to help with bugs and vllt synonymous with suggestions for solutions. There are already some unofficial versions on the net, because I do not want to deprive you of my version. I ask you to describe the mistakes as well as possible, that they are understandable for us. We are also only people who give their spare time for it. Https://;)

If you want someone to help you to improve the map, you can contact us at Facebook (
Would be glad if we could get some support.
This is not to say that now everyone can rebuild the map and the permission to make them public to the public.

Please note:
The map is free of errors and warning! However, there is error if you use the Mapdoortrigger from Ls15.

For people who have already played the map in the 15th, there should be no problems to find, for all the PDA should be revealing.
Fields are buyable, but the field orders that are offered do not work. Fals one knows how to turn it off he can write it to me gladly.

Recommended Mods:

What to see on the map:
– Verker
– field purchase
– 9 villages with fictional names, embedded in an idyllic landscape
– Three courtyards, a main farm, a dairy production, and a pig fattening. In addition there are sheep and herons.
– A large BGA in Fuchstal

What can you find where:
Village of Fuchstal
– Used equipment dealers (LTZ)
– BayWA (grain sales)
– Train Station (grain sales)
-Gas station

Village of Lalenstadt
– Deuka sales office

Village of Oechsen
-Schaf breeding

Municipality of Turmgut
– Motocross track

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