Here I present my version of the Southern Thuringia Map.
Thanks to LSFarmer2011 for the release.
A request to those who download and play the map: If you find bugs and / or bugs,
Then please write in the comments, if possible with screenshot and detailed description.
The first version I will publish here will be an early beta version.
In the version still missing some productions and the design of the map is not yet completed.
So if you do not have a buck on a map that is not yet 100% completed, the map should not load.
Required mods:
For the wooden pallets
for Water and Fuel
for pallets
for Chopped Straw
When consuming and edeka, the milk can be sold from Sojamilch production.
A detailed description of the map comes with final release and all installed productions.
ToDo List:
– Greenhouses get a different location
– fixPlane from compost
– Install the Multifrucht
– Insert compost sales points
– install a new cow shed
– Rebuild the pigstyling
– Replacing the sheep barn
– Install the dairy
– Install the brewery
– Install visiting points
I have the map so far only in the SP can test, here runs the map error-free.
Many thanks to JohnWick78 for the many hours that I was able to annoy you and thank you for the hour-long tests.
Many thanks to all the modders, which will make your production sites available for installation on maps.

– Urpsrungs Map –> LsFarmer2011, fuqser, Larsseine, LandwirtPitti
– Fabrikscript –> marhu, kevink98
– ChoppedStraw –> webalizer
– AdditionalMapTypes –> RC-Devil, Pandahma (Bugfixes)
– Bio-Diesel Raffinerie –> auwgl
– Bäckerei –>
– Mühle –>
– Sägewerk (groß) –> slowtide63
– Sägewerk (klein) –> kevink98
– Palettenwerk –>
– Kartonfabrik –>
– Gewächshäuser –> Stevie, Firez34
– Befüllbare Tanken –> Black Panther Group (Blacky_BPG, Marc85, Thorty)
– Compostmaser 2k17 –> Farmer_Andy
– Sojamilch Fabrik –> slowtide63
– Holzhacker –> Kastor
– Molkerei (folgt) –> LS-Player94
– Digitale Anzeigen –> Nils23, FalPos
– Palettensammler –> Marhu


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