A map made for lovers of playing around! The map is not large, but made in a real country with beautiful nature, a lot of different sounds and an unusual relief, as well as original textures of personal production over which I worked a lot to do differently from everyone. On the map there are only 14 fields of different sizes, but there is work to do. Cultures are standard as well as zhivotnie. Added production of bread, wheat flour and fabric. And there is also a small fish farm where you can grow fish and then sell it. There is a small Yabluny garden as a result of a good care for it You will get a good harvest of juicy sheep which can also be sold. Still there is a sawmill, but there you can only sell a tree. Milk is sold automatically.

Андрей Лотецкий

DOWNLOAD FS17_Sunyava_v.2.5.7z – 592.0 MB

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