Tannenberg in beautiful Triebischtal. This is my first map and originated from “AGI`s load map”.
Of but not much is left.
The size of the map includes about something more like 1/4 of origanal size ..
He is built rather for the single player but I think suitable for 2-3 players.
The map was constructed according to my ideas, and I hope that you like it!
Playable it is in any case, only I had to try because I have no one alone …

The milk can to 00:00, right on the barn, picked up by the appropriate means of transport and in the
Agrarvis sold.
The sale prices I have raised, otherwise it always takes forever until you look at what it can do.
At the BayWa can also sell compound feed as well as the wooden pallets (wool sale).
At the BGA there is a dunghill one can fill goods with its excess.
Raus then comes just crap. : D
Lime there at BayWa in silo, in Agrarvis in the shed and can be stored at the farm
(Also the original fertilizer).

I would like to thank, of course, with the modders for the great job !!
If someone finds here again, then he should contact me if I / they have forgotten him.
Since “AGI`s load Map” my master was I could not pick out modder likely.
Please excuse this 🙂
A few original buildings are also rebuilt by me if you like them, they take you.
Only it would be nice if you mentioned me.

there are on the map, in addition to the standard features:

-Roggen And oats, clover and lucerne
-Wassermod For animals
-Wollepaletten Collector
-HolzPaletten Collector
Lime and fertilizer warehouse stock
-kaufbare objects
-something accommodate Placeable objects
-Stationärer Shredder (the sawmill)
– Manure / manure sale
– 3 outlets
– 2 water supply points (free and farther away from the farm), affordable water is available directly at the court)
– On Collision in the fields I have omitted, but this is ok !?
– 14 fields (purchasable) and min. 3 meadows

Required Mods:

-Multifruit + Multifruit module

– Manure / manure / lime mod
– ChoppedStraw
– Mapbuyable_objekt

So now I wish you much fun to play.
Sincerely: ruffrider

AGI + the modder from “AGI’s load map” CebuljCek-modding Giants TracMax Marhu Steffen30muc Möchtegerbauer Max311 vertex Dezign Xentro Katsuo Eribus 2Franz Eisbearg BlueBaby210 zatoxx Blacky_BPG M-S_Buschi Maurer Matze moor2000 Fatian Desperados93 Aerocool1 Nick98.1 festus007 LS-Landtechnik.com SK09 Gene Borg Wild fox BW Modding Elcid 112TEC

DOWNLOAD Tanneberg.zip – 466.0 MB

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