This 4X map was built to replicate central Tazewell County as realistically as possible, with MR mod, you’ll get realistic yields as well. You’ll want at least one semi for corn.

Tremont Co-op only accepts corn, soybeans and wheat, as does your home grain bin storage.
Drive safe, the traffic moves fast on these country highways.

You do not need a new save game, but may have to reset a vehicle or two.

If continuing a savegame and have any problems with chopped straw, you may need to delete “straw_haulm_density.gdm”
(found in: My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/savegame1/)

-Moved store load place to the farm (reset is still at the shop).
-Added storage for fertilizer and seeds at home.
-Added fuel storage at home.
-Added flood lights for home.
-Added soy milk factory.
-Added markers for milk sale.
-Swapped several buildings for better FPS performance.
-Fixed silo so you can add chaff.
-Fixed numerous floating objects.
-Fixed invisible collision in pig manure/straw area.
-Fixed Chopped Straw.
-Fixed Boundary in NE corner.
-Fixed signs at Stockyards.

Giants akuenzi ccs101 BulletBill Oxygendavid Dorset Hoot bassaddict NI Modding theSeb Rahkiin reallogger mrbear baron BlackSheep Modding Blacky_BPG FS-UK modding help forum

DOWNLOAD FS17_Tazewell_County.zip – 520.7 MB

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