The Alps 2015 Map V 1.026

the-alps-15 (1)

the-alps-15 (2)

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Wellcome to all-new The Alps map for Landwirtschafts Simulator 15! Challange yourself under extreme conditions and proof that you can deal with cruel Alpine world. However, Alps are not just raw and ruthless. Mountains offers you nicest views you can find and are full of green valleys and white-peak mountains. Grass, cereals, forest and breeding animals are your opportunity to make a fortune and become major Alpine farmer and landowner.



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9 Responses

  1. Senutyenool says:

    Having had a quick look at this map it is going to provide some real serious challenges to those who prefer to play ‘hardcore’. For those who prefer ‘tractors-on-rails’ I suggest you go get another map as you won’t be able to handle this one on hard mode.

    To the creator, you deserve a standing ovation because you seem to have put not only a lot of time into this, but have also put in a lot of thought, kudos to you.


  2. nisroc says:

    I have not even tried this map yet, i have no idea if it works. just from the images you posted with the download. I applaud you for making a map that is different. How many maps out there are the same old original maps, edited maps and edited maps of edited maps. Finally someone that makes a map from scratch.

    Good or bad map. awesome effort

  3. MaxSenz says:

    Very nice map…
    But there are too much places where my combines are stuck all the time …. :((((((((((

  4. Alessio Brugnara says:

    the Freight Yard doesn’t allow me to unload my cart full of wheat…

  5. Sondre says:

    it’s a great map! but one thing… where is the garden center!? :O i can’t find it :'(

  6. sašo says:

    nice map

  7. alberto says:

    where is the load point of coltures to take out from the silos???????????

  8. alberto says:

    where is the load point of coltures to take out from the silos???????????!!!!!!

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