The Po River from Vasics Update 1.0
The Po River map has been completely redesigned.
In spite of the new name, players with the Po River can continue to play without change. The new players in the 1-6-7-8-9-10 field are in their own right, the rest must be bought and the start-ups changed.
Both the production plants and the shops and the proposed machines have been revised or revised. It would be long enough to list the smaller or larger changes that transformed the map.
Including but not limited to:
Replacement and replacement of information boards.
Farm wreck, rail storage and relocation sites, rebuilding and rebuilding Farm storage.
Complete rebuild of the machine storage.
Construction of liquid, liquidManure, liquid fertilizer.
Reconstruct of water, seed, fuel, fertilizer.
Installation of the Preparation unit.
Vehicle shop-livestockMarket-Farmgrass partial rebuilding.
Configure the defaulVehicle, sometimes with other basic machines, tools.
I apologize for possible errors on the map. If you want to signal me, you will help me a lot.
General data remains.
The map is 4x.
Factory (49)
Bakery, Biofood, Brewery, Cake_muffin, Canned_fruit, Cannery, Cement, Chips, Coffee, Concrete, Dairy, Distillery, Eggfarm, Goose, Green1, Green2, Greenmanure, Hmilk, Jam_juice_yogurt, Orchid gardens, Pallet, Potato center, Forage factory, PigFood factory, Slurry processor, DryGrass, Fuel, Liquid Fertilizer, Silage, WoodChips, Rabbits, Refinery, Reibekuchen, Sand_grawel, Sawmill, Seed, Fertilizer, Slaughterhouse, , Trout Farm, Weberei, Whiskey
Store (29) +1
Airport, Balestorage, City, City_grain, Construction, Cowshed, Farmshop, Fish1-2-3, Fruit1-2-3, Fuel_sales, Grainmill, Graintrans, HorseStable, Manure_sales, Portmill, Powerplant, Pub_village, Restaurant_port, Sand_grawel, Selling cotton, Shipstorage ,, Shop1-2-3 Wood Trans
+ Import products
Products (120)
Apple applecanned aviationfuel bakery banana bananaliqueur barley barleyflour beer boards booze bread butter cake carrot cartonsvapa cauliflower cauliflower2 cement chaff cherry cherrycanned coco coconuwhiterum coffeeBD coffeeBeanBD concrete condensedmilk cookingOil cornflour cow dryGrass_windrow emptypalletsvapa fatteningFood fertilizer Fischmehl_KK Fischman FischMKKK fruitsugar forage fuel gooseFood gooseliver goosemeat grass_windrow gratedcoco gravel1 greenmanure HMIL hops jam juice KaviarKK kefir lettuce liquidFertilizer liquidManure maize manure meat melon melon2 milk mmcandy Motoroil muffins noodles oat Oil onion orange orangesyrup osternei mazut pig pigFood plum plumcanned potato potatoChip pumpkin pumpkin2 rabbit food rabbitmeat rape raspberrybeer raspberrysvapa redcurrantsbeer redcurrantssvapa reibekuchen ripebanana rye saladMix sausage seeds sheep silage soybean spelled steamedPotato stoffrolleMK straw strawberrybeer strawberrysvapa sugar sugarBeet sunflower tomato tomato2 wa shedPotato water wheat wheatflour whisky wood wool woodChips yellowsand yogurt yogurt1
Storage (14)
Farmsilo Storage1 Storage2 Storage3 Farm1 Farm2 Farmgrass RefillsStorage1-2-3-4-5 Coffee Manure
For more information, see the enclosed guide (Guide1).



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