Hello everybody,
I would like to make you here the current conversion of the TVTOF available. To anticipate, the release on the part of the builder,
Blacksheep Modding, available. (PICTURE RELEASE) Thanks again at this point.
At first I list the change (hopefully I will not forget half of it)

GMKFC with other textures
128 floor angles
small and large productions (seeds, lime, liquid fertilizers, biodiesel, corn meal, compost, UHT milk, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, compound feed, pig feed, septic tanks)
purchasable objects to promote long-term motivation
Pets are available (including sheep (ergo now they need straw)
new map hotspots
adjusted selling price (everything a bit more difficult)
more Selling goods
other types of fruit and fill types (oats, rye, mixed cereals, spelled, millet, winter barley, pickle substrate, nitrate, steamed potatoes, compost etc.)
new and further outlets (Sachsenmilch, bakery, diner, Raiffeisen, AgroLife, BioGaz)
Adaptation of building
Hose system
new traffic signs
Speed ​​increased traffic (about 50 km / h)
new waterplane
dynamic sky
Scales gates and moves handles to normal height (Thanks to SanAndreas from HotOnline)
Help icons so fewer questions arise
and what I’ve forgotten so much …: S: whistling:

Recommended: ChoppedStraw
Kotte Universal Pack
pant system

Required: mCompanyGraphics

Above a few pictures.
Some is already known from my Bilderthread, another is not.
The map appears only here at FBM.
It will not appear anywhere else for download

Caution / Note:
A spreading of the mods on other forums is not desired!
Do not upload this mod on other boards!
Do not upload again to other hosters!
Do not re-upload this Mod on other Filehoster!
Copyright by Blacksheep Modding & H4nnib4l22

Blacksheep Modding Edit: H4nnib4l22 Freigabe ist in Bilddatei hinzugefügt


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