Welcome to Thornton Farm….this map is based in the location of Gloucestershire. It is part fictional part real. There are 39 fields 5 of which are owned. Thanks to BulletBill83,Blobbyfarmer and myself This map has a complete texture overhaul…. This includes foliage,sky,ground,grass etc.

This map contains pigs/beef mod,forestry,and 3 additional multi fruits which include rye,sunflower,oats and it is soil mod ready.This map is very highly detailed and will need a medium/high spec computer to run it. This map includes many models made by myself.

Thank you for trying Thornton Farm, I appreciate the support you guy’s have been giving me through my mapping experience, and a big thank you to Mappers paradise.Don’t forget to download the Dirt and Terrain Control mod from fsuk if you want to see the full mud effects. happy farming!

Map info

1. new Soil, grass and Wheat textures.

2. 39 fields.

3. animated objects. trains, planes,birds.

4. Lots of custum sounds.

5. Multi fruit (oats) oats, rye, sunflower.

7. Forestry with 1 grain sell point.

8. Lots of Hd buildings created by me.

9. pig and beef fattening

10. soil mod ready

11. complete texture overhaul.

REQUIRED MODS to work correctly

Map makers Oxygendavid KimG (Big thank you to Kimg for doing all the multi fruit on this map.) Soil textures melfroy Testers Jdb14 Landykid profarmer40


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