Thuringer Oberland Map 1988 v3.8 for Farming Simulator 15 game.

The original was published by EL ulem in April 15 at Modhoster, it carried no support of the Map, Thüringer Oberland 0.9 Beta, so I use the map only for me flawlessly gemacht.Nach reconstruction almost nothing of the old map was left .I try for some time to reach the builder of the Map, without success.The Map is on time before liberation (DDR -time 1988) adjusted.

Because it was going so well and I have found good mods and help the Map has grown continuously.

Then, the first requests for the map came in another forum, even if I can get ready for MP.

The map has a few months to buy at TSL and Marhu and running in some MP games.

only times few Informatiionen to Map
– Standard fruits + oats, rye, sunflower, clover and lucerne
– Liquid manure lime + compost Mod
extended cows, sheep, chickens from the original game with WaterMod of Marhu –
– Cattle, calves, pigs and chickens for fattening lambs sheep rabbits -Mast of your forum
– Cattle Market
– Mixing station of Marhu hidden in the hall at the central warehouse
– Food storage in the LPG
– 1 pilot plant for energy production (BGA systems did not yet exist to Ostzeiten) of manuuuu optically adapted to the terrain
built sawmill Marhu –
– Complete potato cycle of Farmer_Andy
– Pallets ITEMS Marhu with the sheep, sawmill, potato washing facilities in the basement of ZBE in the greenhouses and in the orchards of Kastor

– Factory of t0xic0m
– Pellets Machine
– Composting facility in the GPG (nursery)
– Oil Mill
Windmill with Kleieproduktion, Kleieproduktion is developed by me, based on factory script of Marhu
-Mühle With flour production
– 1 chips bearing the sawmill terrain
– Wooden pallets and pallets wool for sale on the spinning
– Custom textures for field, grass, trees and shrubs
– Small workshop in the LPG, large Wekstatt in the MTS and KFL of wannabe farmer, incl MapRepairTrigger
– Is Fillable petrol, LPG, GPG, testing BGA 2000 l initial charge for the beginning started to production
– Lime and Fertilizer Seed Vault on the LPG-Hof
– Water pumping stations all over the map distributed to a free water load (water was public property: D)
– Heating plants in the MTS, in Industiregebiet and in the GPG
– Some goals go by car from some need to be opened by hand !!!
– Manure and slurry central warehouse, 2 compost stock
– SeedMaster hidden in the hall at the central warehouse (seeds2) of Farmer_Andy
– ChoppedStraw
– Free storage for washed potatoes on LPG Hof
– BunkerSiloHud and MOH prepared whoever uses
– There are 29 fields with less than 200 ha
– Realistic field forms, sometimes very mountainous: D
– 3 villages as decoration, it is a Farming Simulator and no front yard Simulator
– Dairy and brewery production (UPK 0.9.8) of t0xic0m
– All the trees about 8000 can be precipitated, except fruit trees which are supposed to bring income
– Built about 60 audio files
installed new Sky –
– Adds decorative, revised, changed textures, Foilage layer all replaced.
– EierGitterBox installed by Eisbearg (216 eggs per pallet) in the chicken coop and no longer looking (Easter’s over) inserted eggs Price Fix with already.
– Vehicle sales in the MTS Hof at office



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