This is multifunction excavator for forestry and farming with attachable tools.
-you can attach any of Tigercat’s tools
-mod contains ToolAxis script, which alows you to move attached head FWD/BWD, UP/DOWN, LEFT/RIGHT by moving with only one mouse axis. All crane’s moving tools(cab swing, boom, stick, head tilt, head rotate) are calculated according to current head position/rotation and head is moving at same height / direction. (see video for details).
-you can turn on Tool Center function, which holds attached head perpendicular to the ground when you are moving with any moving tool
-when turning, excavator’s inner belts are moving reverse like in real
-dynamic cylinders and hoses on the arm
-all tools can be found in category forestry or misc or in brand Tigercat

List of tools in the mod:
-Wood grapple (you can select fixed or dangle head attacher)
-Butt N Top loader
-Clamshell unloader
-Wood processor
-Feller Buncher
-Board pallet grapple (can be extended for two pallets)
-Bale fork (with locking script, can be extended for up to 8 square bales)
-Universal fork (with locking script, for all pallets)
-Universal bucket
-Shovel loader (you can select fixed or dangle head attacher, available for all materials, also for short pieces of wood)
-Bracket for reduction to WL / TL / FL / SS (you can attach any of tools in the game)

Activate / deactivate ToolAxis – “KEY_lctrl KEY_t” (ToolAxis is off by deafault, state will be save in savegame)
Center tool function On / Off – “KEY_slash” (next to R Shift)
Extend board pallet grapple – “KEY_b”
Extend bale fork sides – “KEY_b”
Lock bales / pallets – “KEY_x”
ToolAxis forward / backward – “MOUSE_BUTTON_MIDDLE” mouseAxis=”y”
ToolAxis up / down – “MOUSE_BUTTON_RIGHT” mouseAxis=”y”
ToolAxis left / right – “MOUSE_BUTTON_MIDDLE” mouseAxis=”x”
Butt N Top stabilizer left – “KEY_KP_9” “KEY_KP_6”
Butt N Top stabilizer right – “KEY_KP_7” “KEY_KP_4”

kenny456 / FDR / Gnescher / softfox / Larsen

DOWNLOAD FS17_Tigercat880.zip – 42.8 MB

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