Welcome to an idyllic setting, Tombstone Valley.
This is my first map, I hope I can give some a joy of playing.
The large 4fold map offers plenty of space for farming and exploring.
The map contains many details on how to use and jam.
Forestry, transport and pedestrians, mobile trains, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens.
The fields are bigger. (Partly uneven) 30 purchaseable fields, of which 8 with field emissions.
The filling level for the court silo is 1200000. Many animated objects! Various lights are installed in the yard.
I have created a PDA map, which shows everything so far, but which is very transparent.
The transparency is automatically added by the game (thanks to Giants for it).
In the PDA, I intentionally did not mark all the icon with the production sites, as these only
And one can not see anything more with the help of yellow writing.
Further information can be found in the PDF.
If the map is a good response, I am happy to expand the map further, or
Your wishes as long as the map permits. I would like your suggestions and wishes
Collect and see what I can do!

For our placeable (friends) objects, I have 8 finished floor areas with driveway to the street.
Pets are allowed, 2 dogs and 2 cats in the yard!
There will be no BIO Diesel refinery V on this map for now!
The StopMilkSale Mod is not needed!
The following textures are inserted by Eribus:

Corn, sunflower, potatoes, turnips, soya, wheat, barley and rape.

Here is a little tip from Mr.N (Map Tester)
If you have a trailer that can load and unload automatically (eg bale trailer) you should not go directly into the specified areas because otherwise the bales or the whole team fly through the area. Best unloaded and then work with front loader is better, also with the front loader should be careful not to use a fork with automatic attachment otherwise fly the parts kilometers far over the map.

In the composting plant, Kott’s guaranty diesel tank construction works best. With the standard fuel trailer I could not supply the system with diesel.

What’s on the map:
Mixing Station and a Pig Feed Station
Gülleseperator v1.1.1
Seed and fertilizer storage v2.0
Intermediate storage for manure & fermentation v1.2
Fermenter for silage production v1.2.0.1
Stop milk sales
Milk Tigger v1.2.0
Sojamilch Producktion
Extended service station + variable fuel prices A
CompostMaster 2k17 V1.0.0.0
Animated heavy load rack v1.2
Sawmill v1.0.0.1
Press shop. V 1.2.2
Wood chopper TD3
Food Inc. Animal Processing Pack v2.0.0.0
Digital Displays Version 1.2 Animals

Svapa Agro Production:
Palettenwerk v1.0.5 plus bearing in connection with the sawmill v1.0.0.1
Carton factory v1.0.3 plus stock
Sugar factory v1.1.0 plus stock
Greenhouses v1.0.2 plus stock
Hühnerstall v.1.0.0 plus egg dyeing
Dairy v1.0.0 plus stock
Now produce your own seed and fertilizer!
All 3 production halls installed
Fertilizer production, seed production, liquid fertilizer production

Extended Service Station + Variable Fuel Prices Version A
The expanded gas station is on the one hand for fuel in the
Storage tanks. On the other hand, they change
The tank prices hourly in a price frame set by the mapper.
Why should fuel be stored? Well, a reason is
Of course the second function of this package, the variable fuel prices.
Since the prices also vary, it naturally offers the fuel
At a low price. Nothing is more annoying for one
Charging boss when Diesel is bought for 1.209 € when you get it
But could also do for 1,049, and then equal in larger quantities
With for example a fuel trailer.

Ein riesen Dank an alle!! Marhu, Giants, Kastor, BlackSheep, kevink98, Farmer_Andy, slowtide63 Nils23, San_Andreas, Da-Hoffi, auwgl, Eribus, Nigglas – VertexDezign, Balu_AutoDrive Blacky_BPG, Ifkonator, LS-Player94, das Team von Svapa Agro, BaTt3RiE Ich danke allen Personen deren Sachen ich verwenden durfte! Falls ich jemanden vergessen habe kann/soll sich einfach melden.


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