4×4 Off Road

Luiz Fernando


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7 Responses

  1. Luiz Fernando da Fontoura says:

    Hello, I am the owner of the mod. Hello, I am the owner of the mod.
    Please change the download page.
    because I have a fixed link to download this mod.
    Thank you.

  2. ThatGuyAgain says:

    Very poor craftsmanship, Handles like ice on a hot plate, the interior is terrible, you can see through the doors floors and more. I wouldn’t waste time downloading this mod, -not sure why this mod even made it onto the site..-

  3. trucker45647338 says:

    i think it bugs the game. it looks cool, but never got to test it cause it may have glitched the game. of of course, i do have an old computer. any one else with this problem?

  4. pelle says:

    this mod does not show up in mods is there any thing i do wrong ?? i got windows 7

    • ThatGuyAgain says:

      @ Pelle

      When placed into mods folder right click and click Extract Here. it will create a folder with all files inside, if any other new files appear outside of the Extract folder place them into the Exacted folder, Worded for me, also helps alot of mods especially Modded maps load alot faster.

  5. ThatGuyAgain says:

    Correctioon , Click Extract to “Filename” @ Pelle

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