Trigger Extend v 0.61


v.0.6 / 0.61 Ready:
InGame name (fruit / stations) are in the log still mitangezeigt (0.61)
PriceMultiplizierer is set to 3 rounded up (0.61)
Fix duplicate names in Hofsiloanzeige
Fix newly-bearing fruits for multi overlay Hud 1.4 Display
Added milk sales Stop display for multi overlay Hud 1.4

At the moment I see no need to rebuild the XML file 🙂 If I feel like it then I’ll do that too.
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This mod is compatible with the Mod price comparison Version 1.5
This mod is compatible with the Mod MinMax version 1.63
This mod is compatible with the Mod Multi Overlay Hud
Function (requires at least LS15 v.1.2)

Foreign fruit are supported (pear, Pellez or whatever)
Sales triggers can be extended / modified
Fruits can be separately / deleted with entered in the PDA
Single / All fruits can be specifically deleted from a sales trigger
HofSiloTrigger can with new fruits for loading / unloading are extended from V.51
seperate triggerExtendSettings.xml per savegame from V.51
Milk water is supported (see below under Note)
Milk (SP) silage as inventory with listed in the PDA when activated (pdaOn 🙂 from V.51
Milk can be stored back on HofSilo if necessary (SP) from V.51
Milk sale at midnight can’m disabled when required from V.51
Fruit names / prices / sell trigger names are in the log with output from V.51

A big thanks also to the Oelly always extensively tested the new versions for errors.
The whole is configured on a per triggerExtendSettings.xml savegame. This is automatically generated when you first start and then located in your savegame of LS 15th
By default, a trigger sales (Sell Trigger) is pre-generated and expanded in accordance with silage and fodder in the triggerExtendSettings.xml. (Station Freight Yard say Güterbahnhof). And two HofSiloTigger for loading / unloading at HofSilo.
All you have to do, the trigger must be entered in the triggerExtendSettings.xml / Configure.
The whole thing looks something like this.
triggerExtendSettings.xml configuration:

silage:0.4,forage_mixing:0.8,deleteOld:falsewheat:0,forage_mixing:0.8,pdaOn:forage_mixingmilk:1.8,water:0.35,pdaOn:milk Water, pdaOff: klee_windrow luzerne_windrow

milk pear grass_windrow wheat_windrow
pear wood chips grass_windrow wheat_windrow forage_mixing

The Sell trigger and HofSiloTrigger run separately. Man can therefore accept or even both, either one or the other.

——- ——– Sell Trigger
forage_mixing: 0.8 (The first value is the fruit LS15 Name and the second value is the multiplication factor separated by a:. (colon), the individual sales products are separated by a, (comma) fruit value.
The calculator looks like this:
You take the price of the stands in brackets after the name of the fruit in the log.txt and Multiplies the stands it with the value in the respective Offering Station. + – Something (no idea why)
If the multiplication factor is automatically omitted the value 00:25 gesetzt.woodChips
deleteOld: true (Optional you can use it to remove all the available types of fruit from the sale Trigger and submit only your fruit varieties It is not mandatory deleteOld:. false enforce, you can do it so can also be omitted if you only deleteOld:. true sets without giving fruit varieties ( fruit value) would happen with the sale triggers, so it is not possible to delete a sales trigger so) only with fruit value together available
pdaOn: forage_mixing milk (. Optional thus the fruits are listed in the PDA Individual fruit names are separated by a space from each other This is purely visual and does not affect the prices or the like.) Will you have to silage see the stock of silage in PDA miteintragen. together can only be used with fruit value
pdaOff: klee_windrow luzerne_windrow (Optional thus the fruits are cleared in PDA Individual fruit names with a space from each other getrennt.Dies is purely visual and does not affect the prices or the like.) can only be used with fruit value together
It (pdaOn / pdaOff) must be specified only once, so it must not werden.Es specified in each station is also no matter what station it is specified.
Wheat: 0 (Optionally, you specifically remove the value 0 this fruit of a sales trigger) fruit value
sellMilk: false (Optional you can order the automatic milk selling off at midnight from) the StopMilk Mod and the sign of Marhu you should sell but before uninstalling and thus conflicts are avoided. It is he is installed on the Map, then you need not set this value.
The order does not really Rolle.Man it could also so schreiben.deleteOld:true,silage:0.4,forage_mixing:0.8pdaOn:forage_mixing,forage_mixing:0.8,pdaOff:klee Luzerne pear, wheat: 0

Fruit names must be written (case sensitive) as they are defined in the Map / Mod / giant (See log.txt).
So that you, who know what triggers which sell fruit / prices and station name on the map, they are in the Log.txt every time you start again displayed. So Just look in your log Datei.Leerzeichen behalf have (to replace underlined) by a _. So when a station, for example: Diner Office is you have to write Diner_Office
wheat, silage, dry_grass: 0.65

——- ——– Sell Trigger
——- ——– HofSiloTrigger
Of which there are two. The trigger name (HofSiloUnLoad01 and HofSiloLoad01) must not be changed. For maps with several Hofsilos unfortunately only one is addressed first (there eh no Map for or)
grass_windrow wheat_windrow milk birneIst for HofSilo unloading (FillParticel Standart (wheat) or the background). The inserted bearing fruit name must be separated with a space you do not want to use werden.Wenn the trigger then you can simply delete it. Liquids can not be unloaded, unless you are a registered stable fruit. One exception I have installed only for milk, which only in the SP is however first possible. If milk, silage given in this trigger, the stock to be automatically activated in PDA. (“PdaOn: milk silage” in a sell trigger can then omit)
grass_windrow wheat_windrow birneIst for HofSilo loading point (FillParticel Standart (wheat) or the background). The inserted bearing fruit name must be separated with a space you do not want to use werden.Wenn the trigger then you can simply delete it. Liquids can not be included, unless you are a registered stable fruit.
All fruits you their loading / Unloads be synced to your bed or recreated if there is no storage for the fruit. Attention Gigant own fruit names must before the fruit name of mods etc. are in.

——- ——– HofSiloTrigger
In MP games triggerExtendSettings.xml the data of the server are used, the player of a game joint receives a short info about what sales trigger / HofSiloTrigger were amended accordingly.
Caution !! Individual fruit varieties need special trailer for loading / unloading policy.
Milk and water can be brought to the Marhu WaterMilkZunhammer Mod also at other stations for sale. The milk truck triggers should be but then built for the sale of milk on the map or to be set as variant mod, because you can not load the milk otherwise.
Diesel and other liquids can be brought with this mod for sale.
Because some have questioned the sawmill Mod of Marhu and the pallets can not be put elsewhere in the sale. These are actually Woolpaletten have been repackaged and are therefore not registered as an extra fruit. (Trick seventeen-loving)
Problems with the XML file DetiServer !! Even short message to me and I’ll help you 🙂
And who does not like it should not invite easy 🙂



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