UNIMOG U400 V1.0.0.1

After several letters from you, the basic model for the U400 is now coming
fully configurable

He has already received an AR-SEK802, which is configurable.
He now has his own shop category (hope that’s okay, because Ifko’s script)

Fault has been corrected:
– Warnings about a colli
– Vehicel Hud ordered
– Devices on the hydraulic front, now lower to the floor
– Adjust the speedometer needles
– Turn the straps up

Enjoy your work on the farm.

Modell: Tackleberry Textur: Tackleberry Script: Tackleberry / Ifko Idee / Konzept: Tackleberry Tester: Tackleberry Sonstige: Tackleberry

DOWNLOAD LS19_U400.zip – 63.9 MB

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