UNIMOG U400 V1.1

Version 1.1
– U400 Weight and therefore braking effect adjusted
– U400 PTO shaft mounted for trailer
– tipper swap body, tiltable on three sides
– Platform exchange with Bale attacher has been added
– Platform with color selection
– Prices adjusted for bridges

Store Category: Unimog U400
– Selection of motor power
– Color selection
– Selection of front loader
– Hydraulic front and rear hydraulics
– Passenger
– Saddle plate
– Dirt…

Modell: Tackleberry Textur: Tackleberry Script: Alex2009, Ifko (nator) Idee / Konzept: Tackleberry Tester: Tackleberry Sonstige: Tackleberry

DOWNLOAD FS17_Unimog_400.zip – 50.7 MB

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