I hereby set my Ural-4320 as a saddle Edition. The basic model consists of the Ural-4320 SLP Edition from LS 13th & was now converted to the LS 17th

Giants LS 17 Standard.

The mod is but originated in the Great & whole to requests my viewers might have also still others interested in this ancient Russians.

General specifications for Mod:
Price: 55.000 €
Maintenance: € 260
Power: 210 PS
Lifetime: 600 days
File Size: 19.06 MB

At this point, many thanks to “Marc 85” & “Blacky_BPG” for the basic model, “Cobr4” for the conversion (FS 13 to FS 15), “LSMarco” (conversion FS 15 to FS 17) and “Hoffi” (conversion FS 15 to FS 17).

The mod can be privately rebuilt and divided like a few wishes.
The mod may not be offered on other sites to download when the orginalen Author and Download links are used.
The mod may not on other websites with false or Author Download Links yeahyeahyeah you know the stories are simply the modders fair to ^^ Thank you …

Modell: Marc85,Blacky_BPG Idee / Konzept: Marc85,Blacky_BPG,SachsenLetsPlayer Tester: LSMarco, Hoffi

DOWNLOAD Ural2017.zip – 19.7 MB

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