URSUS 1614

Configurations in the store:
-Kola oryginal / buffalo
-Chlapacze bez / oryginalny / long
– Chocks at the front
-Obc 1/2/3 / tuz / without anything
– 2/3 handlebars arms

What he has:
– Wheel generation
– Bended tires
– Illuminated registrations and clocks
-Dynamic weze
-Mod hand (can be removed with IC)
-Kopcenie (can be removed with the help of IC)
– Moving doors and mudflats
– Moving parts of the engine
– Passenger’s mode
-Dynamic camera
-The weight of the module is 35.9 MB
– Clean log


DOWNLOAD Fs17_Ursus_1614_Czerwony.zip – 35.9 MB

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