Ursus C-355 Turbo v2


(V2) Improvement + Features:
– I have connected to the turbocharger and exhaust filter.
– Corrected model of the front axle (4 × 4).
– I’ve added a pendant in the cabin which moves while driving.
– I removed do not need a ruler to help the panel that only interfere.
– I added power steering.
– I’ve added a windmill in the cockpit that spins while driving.
– I’ve added a sunroof with full anijmacją.
– I cleaned Log (No errors).
– Corrected model of the front wheels (4X4).
– I fixed the exhaust.
– I’ve added a real exhaust.
– I changed the exhaust.
– He made a model of the regulator which is connected pto.
– I optimized the importance of fashion to 35.2 Mb 24,8Mb and C355 2X4 to 21.8 Mb.
– I’ve added a Mod Passenger v2 (possibility of entry into the tractor two passengers at a time).
– I added Rooster.
– I added Tur on approach.
– I added Rear Stacking load. on approach.
– Corrected Lower hook.
– At the request of some viewers I did a second version without the drive.
– I removed the flaps.
– I made some visual changes.

On the occasion of 1000 subscribe to my channel decided to return the favor and give you these 2 so far most have more refined when Possible spent ?
We thank you for this;)
this is also one of the last mods I spend the FS 15 and the next will be in the FS 17 FOR IN programmed from scratch with me as Ursus 1214 or 1212;)
Once again, thank you very much for the 1k and pozdr for those of Ls-World what to me ,, 0 “or pseudo-Mod Maker which I never called myself do not, your hejty only add my willingness to continue working on mods. Elo ?
Let the game to you on them cool pozdr: CatFan18

Marcello1942, Salvador, Gratian
FS 15: Rockstar94, CatFan18

DOWNLOAD Ursus_C355_Turbo.zip – 21.8 MB

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