– Assumed front drive in the workshop.
– Assumed turbo in the workshop.
– Sounds change when you put on a turbo.
– Rear weights assumed.
– 3 cabins to choose from (can & cape & falcon).
– Piping.
– Removable bonnet flap.
– Removable whole mask.
– Openable doors, glass and roof.
– Open mask.
– Left door in the cabin can be pushed to the approach.
– Opening sounds (doors, etc.).
– Animated clutch.
– Animated brake.
– Animated runs (1 to 5).
– Animated hand gas.
– Animated rotation tip.
– A moving exhalation.
– Wide front wheels to choose from.
– Movable belt and radiator fan.
– TUR assumed in the workshop.
– Passenger.
– Mud flaps for the fenders set in the workshop.
– Dirty wheels.
– Steering animation.
– Accessories for round

Marcello1942, Rockstar94, Perkins, [email protected], eloelo192, u95, u912, Agromet, Marcin10m19, eloelo52i0 FS17: CatFan18 Mods Edit : Ziomaczek

DOWNLOAD aaa_UrsusC355ZiomaczekV1_1.zip – 39.2 MB

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