URSUS C-4011 V1.0

Moving tips.
Opened doors, glass, roof.
IC Panel.
Tire tracks.
Dirt from the tires.
Real fumes.
Moving axle
Roosters on every cabin.
Moving muffler flap.
Tire deformation.
3 types of cabins.
Wheels without and with weights.
3 engine tuning options.
Console for the turn
Instead of the Fumski cabin is the Czech cabin
Movable gears, gas, clutch, clutch and brake
Added dynamic camera (rocking on the uneven road)
4 types of cabins: Tin, Naglak, Czech and Kun
Added cab door to the Cans
Opened bonnet on the approach
Possibility of gassing (higher revolutions) key k
Fitted on the platform: mudguards, weights, reflectors, doors, mudflaps
Normal or narrow wheels
Improved traces
The right tire has been inflated (not bent)
About errors in the log (they are only warnings it is a fault of the script)
What I added:
C4011 mask
Other wheels
More real sounds (from c355 catfan18)
Yellow texture
What I corrected:
The cockpit is from c-4011
1-disc bottom brake
3 wheel drive with rear wheel brake control (not animated :()
Weights from c-4011 (left wheel)
green color
I have permission to edit and release from CatFan18
The Tur is underdeveloped but important that it works and can play without any problems.
C-4011 will work when you have WinRAR and patch
1) the right weights can telep
2) there is no opened mask
3) can lag but it’s by log
Do not like it, do not download it.
Do not change the link
Do not impersonate the authors
You can hang on ls-wor ** but copy the entire description first and in the description of the tractor give a link to the presentation

In FS17: CatFan18
Help: RewerS Mod
Sounds: Catfan18
Edit: Bartek90256
Edit2: michlax209 209

DOWNLOAD FS17_Ursusc4011.rar – 47.7 MB

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