-Dynamic camer
-Dynamic weze
– Passenger’s mode
-Panel Ic
– The door is moving
– Moving mudflaps
– Moving parts of the engine, etc.
-Animation of smoke and hands (possibility of removal by Ic)
– Rubbish
– Bended tires
-Weight 27 Mb
-0 errors in the log

Marcello1942, Perkins, Agromet, Marcin10m19, Bartek90256 Autorzy: Bartek90256 (wzorowalem sie na linijkach od animacji i podnosnika z c355 catfana) Osprzet do tura: Catfan18 (mam zgode)

DOWNLOAD Fs17_Ursus_c360_z_Agromy.zip – 27.1 MB

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