After firing you will not move, you have to wait for the tractor to warm up
Opened door to the approach
Take-off turn on the approach,
Removable beam on the approach,
Opened windshield and roof,
Working wiper,
Quiet cabin,
Mod hand,
0 errors in txt and log
Hand brake
The effect of rain on the shafts,
Moving pedals and pedals,
Moving mists,
Moving front axle,
Full animation of steering,
Moving tip of the tachometer,
Dynamic camera,
Input animation,
Hand brake,
Punching during work,
Moving door,
Dynamic exhaust system,
Real fumes
Pump on the approach
Moving wom
Mask removed / implanted on the approach
The beam after the attachment disappears
The towel that appears after the hook appears
Bolts which after attaching appear
Real sounds
Full window opening animation
Halogens front / rear
Moving seat
Dirty (Kola, Mudflaps, Os, Fenders,)
Pulling out the txt / sound? Please tell me in the authors!
Please do not change the link!
You can! CONVENTION! To Fs 17!

Model: Marcello1942 Script: Rockstar94, modelleicher, JoXXer, RivalBomb, Knagsted, Giants, Programming FS 15: rockstar94 Author txt: MafiaGrabina Edit: MafiaGrabina

DOWNLOAD FS15_Ursus_c360_Naglak_red_MafiaGrabina.zip – 45.1 MB

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