-One farm
-krowy, chickens, sheep, pigs
-pojenie cows, sheep, chickens, pigs
-karmienie hens
-kurnik where hens lay eggs
-sprzedaż eggs
-karmienie cows in the barn
-ścielenie in the barn
-wypychany manure
joined manure that can pour manure from the barn
-napełnianie drill
-karmienie grass, cows, sheep
-pastwiska cows, sheep
-koło economy pigsty
-skup pigs
-sklep Agroma
-skup cereals
-skup wool in a village in the barn with the door open
-gnojówka near the barn
-axis manure
– Potatoes and beets
-wełna near the barn
-napełnianie barrel near the house
-obornik v2
-gnojówka v2
-wapno v2
-mode chopped
-koło store that can trigger the same machine spprzedać
-reset machines
-several machines to start
-polne road
-Movement pedestrians
-Movement street
-ciekawy area
he added some trees to cut,
-sadzonki will appear next to the shop
-w icon Agroma shop where you can buy seedlings
-you can plant new trees in place of the old
-skup wood and chip
-opens the gate and gate at about (non-zero)

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Konwert: mati4895

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