US MAP V5.00

US map V5.0
Ravenport edit by Barbicha.
Fixed the floating markers and decorative equipment at the FS19_Mehrzweckhalle (triple shed)
Fixed the impossibility to enter the animal husbandry’s trough the gates ( because the invisible husbandry’s where still there from the GE editor)
Added 2 spawn places to reset your vehicles ( saves you some rides if you wish)
The first one is at the lighthouse farm, once this one is full the vehicles spawn at the base farm. (Unfortunately you can’t choose)
Deleted the folder from the zip file (saves 300 MB)

Have fun


Please keep original link

In this version I have created 2 fully functional farms who are both your property in easy mode.
In the base farm you will find your chikkens and pigs.
In the second big farm near the lighthouse your have your cows and sheeps.
The horses are locaded at the stables.
I also upgraded your start equiment.
Al mods are included in the file ( the best is replace them all in your modmap, definitely the FS19_Large_Grain_Silo mod because I’ve adapted this a bit capacity and fillTypes )
Every mod you can sell if your wanted that.


Please keep original link

Placeable mods used by:
Ls Modding Pic’s by Dorian converted by Tom’argi
VertexDezign – Niggels

DOWNLOAD – 680071004

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