So people, now I have something special for you. Here mal ne small Storry has arisen from which thought this mod and how it works.
First time the surname VäderstadSoilModPack. I actually made the pack because of the Soilmod, but can also be used on any map without Soilmod and since I’m a big fan of the Väderstad machines, I chose the topdown and Carrier disc harrow.
Now for the explanation:
I once started to manage the MIG-Map with Soilmod, but quickly came to the result that this ne as a single player is quite a challenge. Just fertilization with artificial fertilizers and the incorporation with the disc harrow and plow cultivators of organic fertilizers are very labor intensive. What could be better than to connect a few Arbeitsschirtte. So I reminds me of a few articles from the professional magazine and browsed a bit on the internet, and found a few interesting machines that I have taken as a model. On the agenda for my pack were, inter alia, the cultivators and disc harrows in addition to combine with a fertilizer spreader. Since the Soilmod the incorporation of a catch crop with +14 nutrients (N) will be rewarded, and the simultaneous sowing a cover crop such as rape or Kee should be possible. As is set at Soilmod on fertilizer trigger, what fertilizer we used the fertilizer spreader has to run on the standard script and as an extra device, like the Zwischenfruchtsähgerät, which should work with the sowingMachine-Spezi. Thus we come to the first machinery Transport in the package, the “Mineral spreaders”. This heist
Väderstad BioSpray 1120
This was a model of Köckerling Boxer tank attachment (see pictures). With this it is possible between the tractor and cultivator to mount a tank for fertilizer and at the same fertilizing and cultivating. Works really quite simple. 1120 attach Väderstad BioSpray to the tractor and fill the fertilizer trigger and select fertilizer. As with the standard fertilizer spreader. Working width is 11,20m. The Väderstad BioSpray 1120 has a trailer Low Attacher, so all machines are equipped with this Attacher behind Väderstad BioSpray 1120 mountable, also machines that are not included in this pack. So you can also sow and fertilize at the same time, if your sowing machine has the Attacher. In addition, “fold unit” with the function of the lid open and the ladder + railing collapsed.
This can also be grubbed punchy, I have the Väderstad Väderstad Carrier 820 widened by 8.20 meter working width 11.20 meters. This is of course included in the package.
The solid manure is best plowed at Soilmod. But since the TopDown cultivator is also suitable for the plowing depth editing, I have given the TopDown the Pflugspezi so you’re there too forceful move, simply to say he now makes the plow texture and the incorporation of the manure is considered plowed. I also broadened it from 5 to 7 meters.
In order to simultaneously sow crops, a device was needed, which runs on the standard Sähmaschinenscript. Since I once browsed on the Väderstad website and found the BioDrill. To this couple to the carrier or the TopDown, which I donated a mounting frame with Attacher. This can be, and hidden when not in use. Einach run behind the machine and press R. Can also be used solo on the tractor. Simply fill in the Sähmaschinentrigger and get started. Since the LS seed consumption of rapeseed clover or alfalfa is higher in multiples than in reality, I have installed a script that reduces fuel consumption on a real value (in real requires only about 25kg, or about 35 liters of seed to sow one hectare of rapeseed). ATTENTION If you NEN Ertragsmod have that influence this consumption also. Then simply change or delete values ​​out.
So what is still in the process. For those who work widths are too big, I still provide the TopDown Standard and Standard Carrier with the mounting frame.
Of course, all machine washable and the bottom Parti Clean Imation I have also adapted. Log is naturally clean.
Another thing in their own right. Unfortunately I have not had time to test everything thoroughly. I would be much obliged to you if you could do that, and if you notice something that does not work, just write ne PN and losschimpfen not equal in the comments, not everyone has so much time.
What I would still want to achieve so, but unfortunately I lack the skills would be an hose system with Bones from BioDrill for cultivators and BioSpray for cultivators. If it wants to adopt one which is very welcome. Also, I’m still looking at for a script, which allows you to adjust the working width of BioSpray, while the fertilizer consumption is adjusted. If a one would imagine to those available, I would be full.
So here still small ne overview of what is in this package:
Väderstad BioSpray 11,20 meter
Väderstad BioDrill 11,20 meter
Carrier 820 8.20 meter
Carrier 1120 11,20 meters
TopDown500 4.80 meters
TopDown700 6.80 meter

monteur1 Giants fruktor (A-fade script) mario Dieck (basic model Rapid) Sven777b (toggleAnimatedParts) Manuel Leithner (variable spread rate) Ifkonator (new script Store Category)

DOWNLOAD Vaederstad_SoilMod_Pack.zip – 83.6 MB

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