Welcome to Valley Crest Farm 4-fold

V1.7.1 (savegame compatible with 1.7)
Changes / changelog
All productions adapted – fuel and water consumption reduced (otherwise you are only at the Nachliefer) – production times – slaughterhouse animal consumption was extremely high
Wrongly placed sounds corrected – dairy, Golnuggetmaschine and kalkerzmaschiene
Volume of pallets with single issue increased – the simplest solution that came to mind
White board pallets are also accepted for pallet production
Missing collisions inserted – airport, gravel etc.
Some textures – tree in the air – object in the air – car in the fence (under the butchery)
Mineral heap adjusted – if you had mined 50,000 you had to wait a bit
New grass texture – when mowing is now better to see what has been mowed
Biodiesel Refinery – Sunflower added – Pictures made colorful
Egg production – chickens reduced to 24 (no chicken consumption)
Easter egg – operating sound (new) made quieter
small farm camp – compound feed and pig feed added
Windmill – Trigger set to the front – if there was another pallette on it, it is still in the old location – just take it down and bring it to the bakery then continue running normally again
Other little things
Suggestions for improvement are gladly accepted

Standard Map with additional modifications
• 2 Feurewehr
• Shop
• Racetrack
• 2 airport
• 2 sawmills
• Garages with workshop
• gravel rock dirt cracked asphalt cement concrete sand …..
• 2 quarry
• Biogas

as well as new road course also new Zugstrecken are contained.



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