VALTRA HITECH 8050-8950 V1.5.1.1

Valtra Hitech 8050-8950 models with many options.
– 11 Tire options with flotations, duals, TRI2, Forestry chains
– Models, 8050 (100hp), 8150 (125hp), 8450 (140hp), 8550 (160hp), 8950 (160/200hp) and Tuned 8950 (250hp)
– Stoll and Quicke (Alåe) frontloader options
– Front Hydraulics
– Color selection (only Valtras own colors from that time)
– Beacon options (L/R and Beacon bar)
– Dynamic Hoses
– IC

Mod supported
– Gearbox (40km/h and 50 km/h transmissions)
– Oil-Usage
– Handbrake

I know there is a bit too shiny textures on fronthydraulics and body, but i did not manage to fix that for now, maby in the future update.

Extra Mods that play well together with this are
– 2 Front weights

MrMazzony – This mod/edit ValtraN111 – Original Model/mod Jurkkis -Previous Edits Karlox- Previous Edits


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