Greetings to all here is a pack of three vehicles for exceptional transport or agricultural convoy etc …



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8 Responses

  1. mroziu says:


  2. Rickard says:

    And the password is? Very clever to upload a pack that needs to be unziped, and have a password.

  3. Rickard says:

    The zip file is password protected, in the zip file is three zip, i can´t get them out from there to the mod map because of the password

  4. cropdust says:

    you have to go to this site apparantly to get the password which is stupid because the website is in french and you need to join up and the forum will decide if you get the password or not its the same for the Colas packs you join the website above to get passwords for those

  5. jean says:

    t est qu une merde tu poste un merde pour le télécharger et tu mets un mot de passe !!! t est vraiment qu une d aube !!!!!!!

  6. Romain says:

    Bonjour, est ce que quelqu’un à eu le mot de passe SVP?

  7. Ratybox says:

    Tu est une merde car tu n’a pas mis le password

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