Welcome to Ventonwyn Estate. This map is a DEM Map based about 5 miles outside of St Austell in mid Cornwall.You have inherited this large Cornish estate but some fields were sold off before you took charge to pay off the farms debt. Now its your turn to make money off the land and reclaim the glory days of the farm. Good luck and mostly have fun!
There are many yards on this map which is to help you keep your machinery local to where you are working. This should make working the large map easier and also makes multiplayer more fun. There is a total of 103 fields,most are planted so i would recommend turning off withering. You will find a lot of maize on this map as this is a main source of feed in the area.
You can sell your grains and root crops at either Mays Country Store or Long Lane Grains. Bales can be sold at Little Downderry Stables.There are tight long country roads so beware of your machinery choice. The hedges have collisions to add to the realism of the map and to stop bales rolling out of the fields. You have the choice to sell your milk by hand the map also includes pig and beef fattening.
If you have the gold add-on there is a little surprise in a shed on the cow farm. Also there is a built in Hardpoint trigger in the right hand shed at the shop.

Map Maker: Dustydave Map testers: FarmFarm simon Hall


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