Vierherrenborn Map V 1.0 Beta Multifruit

vierherrenborn (1)

vierherrenborn (2)

vierherrenborn (3)



Multifruit with spelled, oats, rye, triticale, sunflower and Sudan grass; this rather decorative mähbares grass, clover and alfalfa also catch crops

Dekolayer: nettle, monkshood, fragrant orchid, dry grass, reeds and bushes

Cattle and Pigs


Composting, beets Schneider

41 realistic fields

3 large hay meadows

Missions and gold coins

Open spaces for placeable objects, so everyone can as he likes to add more production.

32 Bodenwinkel

GMK is installed

Slurry manure sale at garden center

Basically should funkionieren everything. Various decorative elements to be included in later versions.

Besonderen Dank an GMCW für die Freigabe verschiender Elemente aus der Südhemmern Map.
Sudangras entnommen aus der Frankenland Map
Danke an Marhu für die technischen Geräte und den Wassermod


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