Elegant and beautiful card. Map is different from the others, as it has been paid a lot of attention to every small detail. You will not find more than one residential yard alike. Each path and the tree considered.
Map apparently not big, but you are wrong. Initially, it was increased to two.
In fashion there are the standard culture. Pets standard + pigs. Added extraction of sand. Extended silos. Impassable roads. There is not a large fishing farm. Large and realistic field. At the start you own one very large field, the rest will have to buy and not small money, as the price of 1 ha is not small. Heavy economy and realistic prices. It is not easy, you will become a successful farmer. Will have to exert a lot of effort. But you do not give up, everything is in your hands.

Culture: standard
Animals: cows, chickens, sheep, pigs
Dop.missii: transportation of sand and fish
Buy fields.

Authors: Maxim Nikolaevich “Gelik666”.

Installation: Copy the folder Maksimovka and StopMilkSale and paste the following path: ….. \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2015 \ mods

History obvnovleniya: v 1.0 (17.01.2016) -> v 1.1 (19.01.2016)

Changes in v1.1:
1.Beautiful landscape.
2.Ispravlena collision trees obstruct passage.
3.Ispravleny price for the purchase of sand, fish and pigs.
4. Now a mother hen with chicks is not considered an obstacle.
5.Udaleny two residents.
6.Ispravlen check to the pigsty.
7.Ustanovlen trigger for the sale of grass and straw.
8.Added some decorative objects.
9.Ispravlen PDA.
10.Pravilno packed archive + the required scripts.

Maxim Nikolaevich (Gelik666)


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