Version 1.1
Errors and BUGS have been fixed

A few days ago I had the idea to make a new map, now I can imagine my new work. This is a new map, something that has not yet existed. On the map you will find everything your heart desires. Everything was perfectly adapted so that the pleasure of the game does not pass. You can also manage some fields but also grassland and work as a forestry farmer. Many new features have been created for the 2017 Farm Simulator, Eg high ropes yard, walk-in house with many features, and much more.

General information:
Location: Tyrol / East Tyrol
Fruits: wheat, barley, maize, rape, sunflower, potatoes, sugar beet, soybeans, oil rind, poplar
Goods: firewood, boards
Animals: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs
Other animals: horses, dogs, cats (animated animals)
Fields: 4 fields from 0,15 ha to approx. 2,80 ha
Meadows: about 50 meadows of different sizes
Forests: over 29 forests with different sizes from about 50 trees to about 3500 trees
Standard functions: very large courtyard with all animals at the farm (silo also), sales stations of every kind
New features: High ropes course, walk-in house with a lot of interactions such as toilet flushing, bathing in, cooking, movable stables, hay storage in the shy storehouse, and much more …

… you are expecting a natural area with a village (Innervillgraten) with several factions, a realistic nature, a beautifully designed and detailed courtyard in the valley, a fire-brigade and much more … … but explore The map itself if interest has been aroused …

Special features of the card:
On the map, a lot of different triggers were installed which made the game more interesting, these were marked by a blue character (can be switched off at interaction markers)
Very many sales points of all kinds which accept all goods and fruits for purchase
Many new scripts like Fabrikscript, TelescopeTrigger, and much more.
Switchable lights and doors that can be opened
Special animations like cat caress, harmonica play, toilet flush, TV turn on, etc.
Very much forest that can be cleared
Very very many details that enrich the game …

Special Info:
You can find the hay barn at the farm
All animations and triggers can be activated with the left or the right mouse button
Sheep, cows, chickens and pigs are on the farm
The map is about 2 to 3 minutes long
On the map, the FPS fluctuate a little
If the map does not start, check if you install the latest patch, restart the game, if it does not work please contact me …

If you would like to support me and my team, you can make a small donation. I would be very happy about it. I had a lot of work on the map. The donation button is located below the description.
Now I wish you a lot of fun and fun with the map. Yours sincerely from South Tyrol, Lamprecht Markus (Südtirolerbauer, Teamchef of the South Tyrol Modding).

Mapper: Südtirolerbauer
Scriptseinbau: Südtirolerbauer
Tester: Südtirolerbauer/Südtirol Moddding

Giants: diverse Gebäude und Dekoobjekte
Buschi: diverse Werkzeuge, Forstschilder, Holzset
Börndi: Stromhaus
mailman: Feldscheunen, Verladerampen

Chefkoch_LS: Blitzer, animierte Tiere
Wellano920: Dünger, Benzinfässer, Saatgut
TakerMaco: Stromhaus
MartinbigM: Bauwagen
Jauchenpaule: Radiotower, Werkstatteinrichtung

Steffen30muc: Kalk/Düngerlager, BGA Silos
VertexDezign: Maschinenhallen, Getreidelager
Fendtfan1: Ballenhalle, Misthaufen Hof
Wellano920: Ambiente Sound Pack V1
Südtirolerbauer: Modelle am Hof, Almen, Skigebiet, und vieles mehr…
Da Bua: Vorbereiten einiger Modelle

ModsWanted/ mailman: Berge
Nick98.1: Verkehrsschilderpack
Fatian: Strassenpaket

Südtirolerbauer: Fabriken (Brennholz)
Marhu: Saegewerk/Fabrikscript, CoinTelescope Trigger
VertexDesign/Niggels: Lichtschalter und Leuchtmittel /bzw. Die dazugehörigen Trigger
FSM Modding/Chefkoch LS11: Konvertierung in LS17: PDA Map Trigger, Animals Pedestrian (Marhu), Rotate Script, animierte Tiere
Ian898 / CBModding: Buyable Chickens
Ein großes Dankeschön geht auch an Breisgau Modding, der mir zur Seite gestanden hat und mir bei manchen Fehlern geholfen hat.


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