Map 2х2. animals and cultures are standard, + rye, carrots and onions, – reeds.
on the map are 20 fields (fields with jobs), 3 of them are yours (2 are made by meadows). bakery, fish farm, production of feed, fuel, seeds and fertilizers work 24 hours, the rest from 8-20.
in the river, where there is no ford, the technique is drowning. on 2 bridges (which are in water) and in 2 fords (with gravel), the technique is washed. You have to buy salt at the trading station. sawmill works only on diesel!
there is a vegetable store, a feed storage facility, a warehouse.
added pipeEffect for rye

All required mods in the pack. log is clean.

Vovan, ixoL, VovanAndriy Lotetskyi

DOWNLOAD FS17_Vladimirovka_RASPAKOVATb.rar – 738.7 MB

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