Volkshill Map v 1.1 MF




Version 1.1 Multi-Fruit
Small BGA added to the farm (Both BGAs run independently with the BGA Extension Mod!) Display Overview away (Does not work with the BGA Extension Mod, there was Errors!) Digital displays added added at the court racks for front loader tools and smaller cutters. Compost price adjusted downwards silage silos changed Capacity: courtyard. The 250,000 – BGA depending 1,000,000 hall composting plant changed – more room to maneuver gold coins incl wishing well inserted Kärcher on the wash basin added sugar factory now has barriers broiler somewhat reduced, was too high Various minor changes.

RC-Devil: fertilizer factory / warehouse, compost texture
Marhu: Watermod, milk trigger. Mapsiloband, Pruning, Woolpalettcollector
Marhu u Mannie313. feedlots GMK Mod
Marhu Funky: Beet cutter
Marhu, white: Seed2Fix
Andy1978 and Marhu: Seedmaster
Farmer_Andy: composting plant, manure storage and broiler
upsidedown: Multifruid mod Unkrautmod
Zatoxx: Tanker sale
1LS12: Waiting
Mariodiek: Conveyor belt wood chips Warehouse
webalizer_ls: ChoppedStraw
Lars: Regal
ZeFir_POLAND: soil texture
Eribus: Forgotten Plants Landscape Texture V1.0, fruit textures
Leos50: Conveyor belts
Blacky_BPG, Nils23, white, lappyBauer, dtmaster: Digital Display
bgo1973: clover alfalfa
Eisbearg: Gitterbox eggs
Inerti: DustMod
Blacky_BPG and Happy Looser : Display Overview
Gene Borg: Textures: Slurry manure lime – sunflowers, clover alfalfa
El Cid: Sugar Factory
Joerg_B: Great Hall
Typhoon: BGA for Small Businesses
Should I forgot someone necessarily an info to me !!

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