Version 3.1:

In the BGA, the volume was increased from 20,000 to 100,000.
The trigger on Hofsilo was revised Course Play had abzukippen begun before the silo.
The displays of the seed stock were converted.
Displays on Hofsilo been changed slightly.
ATM inserted the merchants.
In the courtyard BGA prices have been revised and added some fruit varieties.
When compost master slurry was added as a raw material.
For wheat and barley, the density of the fruit has been somewhat reduced, some people with weaker PC FPS had problems.
Some visual changes here and there.
At various factory buildings, commodity / product names fixed. (E FuelFillTriggerName – Diesel tank)
In cattle and pig fattening following foods added: beet pulp, oats, rye and sunflower.
There will be a version with SoilMod. Here the slurry manure mod was removed. There various fertilizer tanks were added.
The Multifruit module has been revised, now the right particles appear during unloading in pig feed.
People Holm V3.1 Multifrucht SoilMod:
Changes as above, but manure manure Mod removed and inserted in the following locations fertilizer tanks: courtyard, large BGA, station, transport company, shipping company and car dealers.

Giants, RC-Devil, Marhu

DOWNLOAD VolksholmSE_V3_1_SoilMod_Bitte_entpacken.rar – 781.1 MB

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