Version 2.1
CompostMaster is brought back to the ground and wood chips are registered.
Fabrikscript updated, now compatible with courseplay.
Display at the large BGA fixed.
Diverse visiting points fixed.
Cottage located at field 24.
Prices for manure and fermentations slightly increased.
Bio Diesel factory – sunflower added as a raw material.
Farm station fixed.
Triggers for lime bearings and the SeedMaster slightly moved. (Courseplay)
In the case of grain traders, it is now possible to buy power feeders.
VehicleSort now works with the map.
The display problem with the Sojamilch production (Dedi server) could not be fixed yet, but it should function in the single player.
Various minor changes.

Next I changed to the map:
The main courtyard was built in a different place from scratch.
All animals are on the farm.
The farm offers a lot of space for more, placeable objects.
Water, seed and fertilizer can be purchased on the farm.
The car dealer has moved into the vicinity of the farm.
Various halls and shelters set up in the yard.
There is a field at the farm.
All gold nuggets were redistributed.
Minor changes in the tiling.
Wheat, barley, canola and Landscape textures of Eribus installed.
Trigger increased for the sale of wood at the sawmill.
All Tour Icons removed.
The reset point down to the yard.
Some minor adjustments.
PDA image renewed.

Frucht und Landscape Texturen: Eribus
Unterstand: 1LS12
choppedStraw: webalizer
Lichtpck: Niggels – VertexDezign
Dorset: Weidetor
Farmer Andy: SeedMaster, CompostMaster
Nils23: Saatgut Lager, Digitale Anzeigen
kevink98: Sägewerk, Milchtrigger
slowtide63: Sojamilch Produktion, Brettertrigger
BlackSheep: AdditionalMapTypes Add Price Table
Joerg_B: Große Halle
Blacky_BPG: GasStationExtended, Buy on Silo Trigger
Marhu: CombineStrawFix
GTX Mods: Multi Storage Shed
auwgl: Bio Diesel Produktion
TyphoOn: BGA für Kleinbetriebe
kevink98/Marhu: Fabrikscript
nico1410: CooperativeBiocer
steve1912: Schild

DOWNLOAD Volksvalley_V2_1_Entpacken.rar – 802.3 MB

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