Volvo L180F by Serge44 V 1.0




The FS15 Hi Community, Today suite has a Eagle355th sharing, I decide you a Share other version of Volvo Model L180F since it had been shared by Ombelis for FS15 version Forestier, it was reintroduced in charger by Lantmännen, but his weight left to be desired, and here two other incomprensible version of 422 MB and 220 MB, What more Credits and yet Fois No Respect to the modder, This is Why I had reworked version L180F share Lantmännenpour by TP Simulation Model that was Private and Public Sharing I you after seeing this Gachit the Model L180F, No Extras on this version, only with a simple bucket for Weight 18MB total, 3 Position lights , Re-import Sons Model Reworked for Eivter to have the weight of a Map, on this Good Games you!

Model by Fredzaza/Borsalino88

LS15 by Lantmännen

Edit/Rebuild/Ingame by Serge44


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  1. Nagyon tutik ezek a kiegésztiők de hogy tudom letölteni magamnak a játékba

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