Welcome to Vorpommern Rügen.
Water is now free to fill at any pond.
Pigs: pasture enlarged, straw and water now in the pasture on the stable unloading/littering.
Cows: straw now in the pasture in the barn unloading/littering.
All feed triggers now work correctly.
Lights now go on alone in the evening.
Unlit halls have received light.
Forests partially enlarged.
More dirt roads.
Faulty fence Exchanged.
Defective distance and foliage textures exchanged.
Sales prices cereals etc. adjusted.
Vegetation embellished on roads and in the woods.
SnowMask created.
New yard with warehouses and greenhouses added.
New Cereals AG.
Field 19 added.
It will now appear on the map where the Hofsilo is located.
It is now displayed on the map where Hof 3 is located with greenhouses.
and other little things.

The card is fictitious.
All standard functions of the LS 17 are installed.
There are Three courtyards and two purchasable grounds (Field 16 and 17) for placeable objects.
17 fields.
7 forests.
All standard animals.
Water is free.


DOWNLOAD FS17_Vorpommern_Ruegen.zip – 475.6 MB

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