VW Bus And Trailer Mod V 2.5

ros-vw-bus-und-hanger (1)


version 2.5
So now I had time to revise the Mod, Bully and trailer have their new Fuktionen and bully his original Häupchen. Now Fruchplanen (boxes, etc.) are installed, the trailer is no longer his plans. New FillTypen were also added. For transporting and transferring / charging / refueling. Transshipment to trailer, sowing, fertilizing machines, etc. (machine filling / Help text: tube extend / button: O ‘o’) can also be filled at the purchase triggers with seed / fertilizer / water etc and loads of milk (Help Text: ROS xxxxxx fill / key: R). To refuel at, with Diesel, filled bully or hanger drive (Bully can not even be filled in buying trigger, possibly ROS Box or VW hanger use for filling Bully).

modall, Rosenthaler


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