So friends of the farming community, first a happy new year, happiness, health, etc.
For the new year is also something new for you.
The map of Wassel comes from an area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin, the gaps are available.
I think the recognition value is given.

On this map, among others, the following is installed;
– Christoph 4 flies over the map
– Traffic light system functional (they have been taught some traffic rules) (135 flutes only for road traffic) (Black Panther Group)
– Straw Oelkers in Wassel
– The Bhf train can be left
a big concrete place in Sehnde for, for example, Straw is available.
– the prairies
– All grain stores have opening hours plus vehicle dealers.
– The service station must be filled on the farm itself (variable price of the Raiffeisen tank) (Black Panther Group)
– Traffic also varies in turning operations
– Seed and fertilizer production
– Seeds and mineral fertilizers can be sold and purchased at Raiffeisen (Not stated on the price list)
– Manure and manure can also be sold and purchased at Raiffeisen
– Great Nordzucker
And much more ….

FK Modding

DOWNLOAD FS17_WasselMap.zip – 550.7 MB

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