Version 2.1
* Textur verbesserung. (Kein flimmern mehr)
* Wassertrigger versetzt. ( es muss nicht mehr so nah ran gefahren werden)
* Überladeschlauch besser fixiert.

by popular request I have yet decided to
to bring the water tower (placeable !!) in the LS 15th
His time has “ice_dealer” this tower built and he is the Urmodder of this tower !!
Thank you also for sharing! !
The water tower is to see placeable objects (pleacable) at the store once your the Zip.Datei simply in the
Mod folder have shipped. 🙂
As the water fill (with each water tank if Kotte or whatever) cost bissel money
I have a money income at the tower of 120, – / per hour discussed with the local water
and they have also agreed to here. 🙂
Thus, the water tower now has a gain of 120, – per ingame hour.
I refer again to “ice_dealer” as Urmodder.
I have completed the tower only for LS15 and bissel was changed or added to the nice part.
–A V 2.0 will soon follow. Here then Overload Pipe (overcharge hose) is I at the moment but still problems with the lock of the hose to a placeable object. (will work out) 😉
I hope you have fun with the water tower and here at this point, –Unsinnige Kommentare–
to prevent. [We are not in kindergarten] Otherwise I have to stop the picking function. ; )
So you’ve probably remains decent.
Your Rumtreiber22

Modell: ice_dealer & Rumtreiber22 Script: Alex2009, Sven777b

DOWNLOAD wasserturm.zip – 405 KB

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