The pack includes:
Wineries, sugar mill, vine, warehouse, sales and trigger HOTEL
(Placeable) and 2 trailers for harvesting.
Simply the zip file in the Modsordner and additional UPK mod of
mor2000 v0.9.8 and ready.
New to the list.
Stock for grapes and sugar placeable (can be stored with the accompanying trailers and recharged)
Sugar sale now possible (when placeable trigger where grapes can be sold.)
revised grape press (plane)
Revision 1 axle trailer
reduced sound file
(Dediserver Ready)
IMPORTANT!!!!!! (PLACE) of houses
The field must sein HOTEL bought needs a level surface
The factories all have a small balance (ramp)

Modell: gigant/trailer Textur: Susi 28 Script: Susi 28 Idee / Konzept: susi 28 Tester: Susi 28/wingi/Bernd Sonstige: Credits: script Marhu, potatosteamer Farmer Andy, UPK Mor2000,Der Didi

DOWNLOAD aab_UPK_Weinrebe_placeable.zip – 78.3 MB

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