First time making a map from scratch. most of the building objects are off other maps so credit to those who made the objects. i made some new road signs and railroad signs from the area. the map uses real dem from the area. there is a lot of field/hay area, cows/pigs and oil hauling to make money. no sheep or chickens.

the map has chopped straw, multi angled dirt, clip distance mod, dynamic sky, among other things. added pea, lentil and flax crops that are from the area also. there is a seed processing plant inside the crop production building. i used the process from the placeable version out in the mod world. there is a commodity shed built by silver rookie on the cow farm.

the clipDistances and viewDistances on the map are set high (500/300) so low end computers may have to lower those values so help speed up gameplay.

there is no exterior detail for a border. I couldn’t get something together that look decent so I left map with no borders for now. there are invisible boundaries on each side so you can not go off edge of map.

i added various mods to the zip that i used for the map. i also included an edited v1.3 seasons mod (latest version) that i used for testing edited for the crops in use.

post comments or questions in the help section with issues and will upload new fixes if need be.

have fun.

v1.01 – fixed commodity shed grain/grass going thru floor


DOWNLOAD UNZIPWestCentralBeta1.01_.zip – 964.7 MB

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