1. Field 15 – Removed all trees by the cow zone. smoothed the field where the violent bumps were.
2. Field 16 – Smoothed an area that had a small bump. Removed the tree’s, removed the barn. Moved the field away from the traffic, closer to the farm house.
3. Field 17 – Removed the barn, made the field one large retangle shaped field.
4. Field 21 – Removed, planted grass for mowing, added a few fir tree’s to cut down.
5. Farm courtyard – Removed several barns that could not be used. Added another open covered car/barn port. Moved the barn, and hay sell point closer to the silos making it easier to back up to the barn.
6. Smoothed the ground by the sell point at the restaurant.

Giants, DavyRocket

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2 Responses

  1. mark jacklin says:

    nice update, but could you update the map icons as they don’t match.

  2. christy says:

    I have a Mac and Giants Editor isn’t available for the Mac. Is there anyway someone could make a westbridge hills map that doesn’t have any trees except around the boarder of the map? No trees in between fields?


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