Westbridge Map V 2.0

westbridge--2 (1)

westbridge--2 (2)

westbridge--2 (3)


Slurry manure lime Mod
Straw Chopper Mod
Cattle fattening
BGA Complex Mod
Composting plant (Produced now dung as fertilizer or sale)
BaleFeed Mod
Milk Stop Sale
Feed Mix stations
Beet cutter

Farmer Andy – Compost und Masthuhn
El Cid – Zuckerfabrik
Complex BGA – Upsidedown


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3 Responses

  1. xenod says:

    don’t know how to buy parcel of land, where fill the water tank,help me please

  2. greg30300 says:

    hello I love beacoup the very functional card my concern lies in the plot I can not find the point of sale the fields thank you to tell me where he is still thank you for this nice card

  3. Bruce001 says:

    same here i cant find the point for the sale price of the fields

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