I just wanted my wheel loaders today – imagine Rollcontainer hook.
I have this “welded” to the original wheel loader fork.
From good experience in real life, I can say that something is worth gold.
Only need the container as not “to couple”
It adjusts all wheel loaders in LS15 and can “Hitch” all roll containers, which work with the joint type = “Hooklift”.
The adapter is multiplayer Suitable (logfrei !!!) and tested.
From a capacity of about 45% in the original containers (approximately 20,000 ltr.) The container too heavy to lift.
But this is intentional, as a Real loaders to its limits comes when the container to three quarters is half full.
(Depending on the population type)
eg one full container “yellow bags” Easy to be moved,
wherein one dumpster at the half of the volume is too heavy.
And let Ehrlich 40000 ltr. cereal are also 16 tons and too much for a wheel loader.
Known defects (for bleating at a high level):
The textures are not the best, but unfortunately not my strength.
The hook arm itself has a collision detection. This is “hitched” in state with container but gone.
I have decided to ask you the adapter is available, in the hope that him yet except me
anyone can use.
Your please not elsewhere can find him at will for you, change but uploading
Have fun with your black0hawk

LS15 / black0hawk

DOWNLOAD LiebherrHKLAdapter.zip – 938 KB

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2 Responses

  1. Niklas says:

    How to hitch the containers it doesent work

  2. Niklas says:

    Any one know how?! please!?

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